Saturday, February 20, 2016

Poor Little Lambs

Do they know, or even care, how pathetic they sound?
Brown University students are whining that classes and homework are interfering with their social-justice activism — and it’s, like, totally unfair for sensitive, forward-thinking minds like theirs to be expected to do so much schoolwork at school. Yes, you read that right . . . expectations to do schoolwork at school are oppressive, and it is a very, very serious problem: “There are people breaking down, dropping out of classes and failing classes because of the activism work they are taking on,” one anonymous student, referred to as “David,” told the Brown Daily Herald...

So, given this, I have to ask: If having to do course work at college is too much for you — even with an extension — why are you at college? Call me crazy, but I thought that the point of being a college student was to go to classes and complete assignments to earn a degree. How else could it possibly work? You just earn one by going there? By being physically present within a certain radius of a classroom? What exactly do these kids want?
Pampered, spoiled, narcissistic. My generation created this, and for that I am truly disappointed.

Here's the solution:
If you want to do no college coursework and full-time social-justice work, how about just not going to college and doing social justice work full time?
Oh, that won't work--because it would be work, and work is harrrrrrrrrrrrrd.


Niels Henrik Abel said...

A college diploma has become the ultimate participation trophy. Just show up with a pulse, and you're good ~

Pseudotsuga said...

What's college for, again?
Oh,that's find one's calling and save the world, stamping out racism, righting social wrongs and shouting down evil whereever it rears its ugly head!
And that's what everybody but STEM graduates get a diploma for, apparently...
as other pundits have noted, why would anybody but other members of the Special Person Club hire these graduates for anything that requires actual knowledge and work?
I would like to know if these young folks at Brown feel that their tuition money is well-spent on this nonsense. It would be a lot cheaper for them if they didn't fork over all that cash and just joined the Peace Corps (or the Red Guard) as soon as they could.

BT said...

If you want to do no college coursework and full-time social-justice work, how about just not going to college and doing social justice work full time?

Because social-justice work doesn't pay (at least for the front-line grunts). College is a protective bubble, room and board guaranteed. Often subsidized by the government and/or mommy and daddy and student loans aren't due until after graduation. If they waited until after graduation to agitate they might still not have time for activism... you know having to do actual work so they don't starve.

Ellen K said...

Most of these little darling avoid majors that would result in actually professionally working with the poor such as nursing, social work or education. Instead many of them seek degrees in engineering, environmental science and other geeky sciency sounding majors in hopes of making big bucks. Yes they want to protest, but not if it means missing their afternoon chai latte and sushi.