Monday, February 29, 2016

How Can We Hold Parents Responsible For Anything?

Using the logic of the SF school district, we should give kids alcohol so they won't use illegal drugs:
All San Francisco middle school students now have easy access to condoms, whether or not their parents want them to have them.

The San Francisco Unified School District became the third in California – after Oakland and Los Angeles – to give away condoms to middle schoolers when board members unanimously approved the decision at a meeting Tuesday night, NBC Bay Area reports.

SFUSD safety and wellness director Kevon Gogin said the decision is based on a survey of sixth through eighth grade students that showed about 5 percent are sexually active and 3 percent use condoms. 
They're going to encourage what any thinking adult knows is unwise (what junior high kid is emotionally ready for sex?) because 5% already do it?  5%?

How can we as a society hold parents responsible for anything their children do when the government (the school system) undermines parental authority and responsibility?


Anonymous said...

Are kids going to start having sex merely because they have access to condoms? (My read: No, not in any significant way.) In other words, "kids who will have sex without condoms" ~= "kids who will have sex with condoms." Do you disagree?

You can balance that against the other side: Are the kids who WILL have sex anyway, gaining a real benenfit? I think the answer is yes.

Pseudotsuga said...

Ah, but Uncle Sugar is the solution to ALL problems!
Individual responsibility?! What kind of idiot ever believed in that?

Darren said...

Anonymous: *someone* benefits with *every* government program. That isn't the question. The question is whether or not government *should* do what it's doing.