Friday, February 12, 2016

And The Oscar Goes To...

I've mentioned before that my school is implementing a Restorative Justice program.  In order to inform students about the program, a couple of students made a (funny) video.  I was asked to play a small role--a student in the video is wearing extremely short shorts, and I (mortified!) assigned that student a detention for the dress code violation.  They chose me for the role because I'm well-known for doing that in real life.

Anyway, the video was shown in English classes this week.  Throughout the day yesterday I had students come up to tell me how much they enjoyed my part in the movie.  At our staff meeting yesterday I had several teachers come up to tell me the same.

I understand the Oscar choice is down to DiCaprio, for getting attacked by a bear, and me.  I've totally got this one. 

(And no, I can't find the video on YouTube!)

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Chanman said...

Restorative Justice was implemented at my site last year. Run away. Run far, far away.