Saturday, December 12, 2015

Throwing Lefties' Own Hypocrisy Back At Them

They're so smug, so superior, they can't even fathom a world in which people disagree with them.  This is partly why their arguments are so easy to shred, because in their own vacuum chambers they've never really had to defend them.

Watching Dinesh D'Souza embarrass this Amherst student is a treat:

To the white student not willing to leave Amherst and thereby give up his so-called white privilege:
"You are willing to have social justice where other people pay but you are not willing to pay.  So that's the problem, that's the problem with progressivism that marches behind social justice while protecting its own privileges."

"But for you, this hypocrisy is fully justified because you are 'militated' on behalf of the poor.  But if you are against privilege, this college is privilege.  So there's a glaring hypocrisy and you will never turn your moral mirror on yourself to say, what am I doing about it... For you, society should act before you do to enforce your moral code."

It's 14:23 long and worth every moment.

And I can't have a leftie-argument-shredding video post without these classics from Milton Friedman:

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