Monday, December 07, 2015

My Research Paper

I think I've mentioned before how, for my research paper that's due in a week and a half, how my plan was to take perhaps 25% out of last semester's research paper, insert 25% new material, and thereby make the paper a little "mathier" for the current class (the focus in last semester's class was more of the history and less of the calculations).  A reread of my paper, though, puts the folly to that idea; I wrote the paper pretty tightly, with each paragraph leading to the next.  Take something out and there's an obvious gap.  Clearly that's not going to work.

My plan now is to change the focus of the paper.  I'm now going to focus less on John Napier (creator of logarithms) and more on the development and use of his logarithms.  I'll also add a section on why this knowledge is useful for a math teacher today.

We'll see how it turns out!

Update:  Just checked my email and saw a note from my instructor.  100% on the final exam!  (And no, it wasn't especially easy, not with at least 4 proofs on it.)

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