Tuesday, December 29, 2015

For The Brotherhood, Everything. Outside The Brotherhood, Nothing.

If you still need evidence of the fascist tendencies of unions, look no further:
Local 412 of the United Auto Workers has placed a spotlight on employees who have chosen to exercise their right to not support the union financially under Michigan’s right-to-work law. In a recent newsletter, the local urges co-workers not to share “tools, knowledge or support” with individuals who chose not to pay union dues.

It then lists the names of the employees to be shunned.

“I hope there is one thing we can all take from this,” the newsletter reads. “Please do not share any tools, knowledge or support for any of these employees who choose not to pay their fair share.”

Jeff Hagler, president of the UAW Local 412 Region 1, and Michael Hayes, vice president of the union, did not respond to an email seeking comment.
If they were sure they were right, if they were secure with what they offer their members, they wouldn't need to act like bullies.

While I don't advertise it, plenty of people where I work know that I'm an agency fee payer as opposed to a union member.  I don't think they'd respond well to a suggestion like the UAW's if our local union proposed one.

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