Thursday, December 24, 2015


Have you heard the term "CEO Christian"?  It means "Christmas and Easter Only."

I have what I refer to as "Christmas relatives".  These are relatives I see only at Christmas, if even then.  Today I have a full day of visiting friends and family; this morning's first stop will be a Christmas Cousin, who's home visiting from Southern California.  I didn't get to see her (and her new baby) last year because I took off to Washington to see my own baby, who had just arrived at his unit a week or so before.  Anyway, it's time now to load up the car and get going--it's going to be a long, enjoyable day.

I hope yours is as well.

Update:  I left around 11 this morning and got home a few minutes short of 9.  It was a long, enjoyable day.

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