Saturday, November 21, 2015

Maybe This Explains Why Lefties Are Always Fighting "Racism" And "Sexism"

Perhaps it's because it's so rampant in those areas in which they hold overwhelming sway:
Liberal Hollywood men effectively form a secret society that blackballs anyone with more natural estrogen than Caitlyn Jenner from becoming director of a major motion picture.

We learn this from Liberal female columnist Maureen Dowd, writing in the liberal New York Times Magazine. She's alarmed that less than 2 percent of the top 100 movies boast a female director.
Anyone want to argue that the entertainment industry is overwhelmingly conservative, at least politically?

Higher education, overwhelmingly liberal.  Recent events indicate that perhaps higher education is awash with racism, sexism, and rape.

K-12 education.  Haven't you heard that it's institutionalized racism that's keeping black and brown students down (but allows Asians to do better than whites)?

As they ask on Instapundit so often, why are leftist enclaves such bastions of racism and sexism?

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