Thursday, November 19, 2015

Digital Time Capsules

Within the last week I've received two emails from myself.  One was from fall 2005, the other from fall 2013.  The first I sent via a link on Forbes, the latter through

There was nothing earth-shattering on either one, really, although I'd forgotten how rough my life was in 2005.  The emails mainly had snippets of what life was like--what was going on with me and my family, how much I was making, what my waist size was (hint: smaller than it is now), what was up with my son, what my aspirations were.  It's so funny reading them because it's so obvious they were written by me, to me.  So very matter-of-fact, even in very personal details.  I can be very blunt with myself.  Financially I'm better off than I was in either of those two years; that's not hard to do when you work for a government entity.  Can't complain about that.

Some time soon, maybe next week on break, I'll compose another letter or two to "future me".  I hope I'll enjoy reading those as much as I enjoyed reading the ones I just received.

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