Friday, November 06, 2015

Can't Have This Kind of Critical Thinking, Can We?!

Female student pens scathing review of 'rape culture' for college course

I'm somewhat encouraged by the response of her instructors:
Her essay has been uploaded in full to a website dedicated to clearing the names of wrongly accused young men.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this assignment came after the student turned it in. Instead of admonishing the student, the graduate student instructor was appreciative of her counter viewpoint. The instructor commended the student for not believing everything she hears and for providing a different take.

The student told the Washington Examiner that the reason she doesn't adhere to the popular narrative surrounding campus sexual assault is that a close friend of hers was falsely accused and expelled.
Not everyone is so welcoming of her logic, I'm sure.

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Ellen K said...

We have become a nation of Enablers.
Use drugs? Legalize it.
Want to marry your sister? Accept it.
Want to sell illicit photos on the internet? Normalize it
The list goes on an on. Whereas there used to be a type of template for a normal life, nobody seems to know what that is anymore. Instead we have movies, TV shows and news stories that take the most lurid, bizarre and unfortunate of circumstances and demand that we not only tolerate them, but embrace them.
Witness the city of Houston that has twice elected an out and about lesbian as mayor. Because of the collateral circumstances of REQUIRING that all public bathrooms be open to those who think they are another sex even when they aren't, which normal women and girls viewed as a threat and an invasion of privacy, there are self-important slugs in New York and Boston demanded that Houston be boycotted and indeed that the Super Bowl game be moved. Frankly they come across as a bunch of spoiled children. How can they expect us to take them seriously when they overreach in such an obvious fashion?