Friday, October 23, 2015

What Happened To California?

A dystopian nightmare:
Why is California choosing the path of Detroit — growing government that it cannot pay for, shorting the middle classes, hiking taxes but providing shoddy services and infrastructure in return, and obsessing over minor bumper-sticker issues while ignoring existential crises? 
The cause is political. California is a one-party state, without any serious audit of authorities in power...
But what turned a once bipartisan and purple state bright blue? 
A perfect storm of events.
Higher taxes and increased regulations have driven out lots of small-business owners. In the last few years, hundreds of thousands of disgruntled middle-of-the-road voters voted with their feet and left for no-tax Nevada, Texas, or Florida. 
The state devolved into a pyramid of the coastal wealthy and interior poor — the dual constituencies of the new progressive movement. 
A third of America’s welfare recipients reside in California. Nearly a quarter of Californians live below the poverty line. 
California’s long, thin coastal corridor has become a tony La-La land unto itself. Yet nowhere in America are there more billionaires.

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