Thursday, October 01, 2015

Release Prisoners, Pay Teachers More

I'd like to believe that idiocy like this can come only from a liberal but I'm sure there are those of my political persuasion that have proposed things just as dumb.  Leave it to politicians.
Freeing half of non-violent prison inmates would save $15 billion to fund 56 percent pay hikes for teachers at high-poverty schools, said Education Secretary Arne Duncan in a National Press Club speech yesterday. Duncan envisions a “prison-to-school pipeline,” as Ed Week puts it.
Here's the rub:
If their teachers had earned more, would they have done better? Or were they trapped in the bad parenting-to-prison pipeline?

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SoCalMike said...

I guess he's never heard of supply and demand. We are paid what we are because of that simple and proven concept. You might get a few more better teachers if you increase pay, but why should they become a teacher when, for the same amount of education, they can make much more in private industry?

But that leads to the more important question - what makes a good teacher? Just because you pay a teacher more doesn't mean a teacher becomes better, or better teachers will show themselves. This has been discussed ad nauseum for years.