Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Not My Best Test

Ugh!  I was so frustrated when I got home yesterday that I didn't even feel like doing a blog post.  Why?  Because I took a test after school and didn't do so well.

When I tell my students "here's what's going to be on the test", as I do only the day before the test so they can then focus their studying, I mean it to be a relatively inclusive list. 

Perhaps my instructor meant it as "know these things but there will be other stuff", but I just can't seem to get that impression when I rewatch the video.  It seems like the given list is exhaustive.

It was not my best test.  I completely flubbed one of the proofs--couldn't even do it incorrectly, just couldn't do it at all.

Perhaps there's a lesson in experiencing this feeling once in awhile, but it still sucks.

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