Saturday, October 10, 2015

Laugh, or Cry?

I know that as humans we have the capability to create these thoughts, but why do certain people feel compelled to validate and advance every stupid thought that passes through their brains?
A major national conference for teachers and school administrators starting on Saturday, October 10, in Baltimore will focus exclusively on race and racism, featuring workshops on “interrupting whiteness” in American schools, the “dominance of White supremacy” in society, “White privilege” enjoyed by Caucasian students, “white domination of thought,” and how to “decenter whiteness.”

The conference, officially titled The National Summit for Courageous Conversation 2015, is organized by the Pacific Educational Group (PEG), a large and influential consulting firm hired by hundreds of school districts nationwide — often under pressure from the federal government — to address “racial gaps” in scholastic performance and behavior problems in the classroom.
Where is today's Dr. King?

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Ellen K said...

I read this.
It is outrageous and it will push this nation to the brink of absolute chaos if we don't stop it now. NEA should be speaking up because teachers are going to be the first victims of the lawsuits from this nonsense. I actually skipped a PD session with a speaking addressing moves in my district to tier the consequences based on little more than race. I honestly do not understand why some kids would be suspended and others get away with outrageous behavior. Thanks to the summer of hate sponsored by Black Lives Matter, we've been dealing with free floating hostility all year. For the first time ever I have had to ask an AP student to leave my class. The student spent the summer in Chicago steeping in BLM rhetoric and came back with an attitude that the student felt none of the assignments were worthy of her goals. Between the administration pulling this nonsense and the national blame game thrown at teachers, it makes me want to walk over to Toyota Inc and get a job as a receptionist.