Sunday, October 11, 2015


Tomorrow my mother leaves for 2 weeks in Italy--a few days in Rome, a few days in Tuscany, a few days in Venice.  I'm insanely jealous!  Over the past few months I've taught her how to use the WhatsApp and Maps.Me on her phone, and I've asked her to send me a picture each day.  I'll try to enjoy the trip vicariously!

Italy in fall.  One of the serious drawbacks of being a teacher is that I can't travel when travel is best and cheapest, April and October.  *sigh*

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David said...

I used to date someone that worked for a cruise line. She loved the time off I got but hated the fact that we could only go during summers and other school breaks. Example: We couldn't do an Hawaiian cruise because it only during the middle of the school year.