Thursday, October 15, 2015

Chaperoning Saturday's Homecoming Dance

I don't go into the dance itself.  No, I have no desire to watch Gomorrah burn, so I'm positioned at the end of a hallway and have the mission of ensuring students don't try to sneak into or out of the dance vicinity.

It gets boring back there, so the last few times I've taken my 1st generation Kindle Fire and played games on it.  I think I'll be a little smarter this time.  I'll do what I do when I go for a walk, or get on my elliptical trainer in the morning--I'll break out the phone, put in the earbuds, and listen to an audiobook.  I'm currently finishing up a historical fiction book about Arminius, Varus, and the destruction of 3 Roman legions in Germany.  The next book I'm getting is a "what if" collection of short stories.

"What if" schools didn't have dances anymore?

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