Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Two Things Lefties Can't Tolerate: Humor, and Opinions That Differ From Their Own

Some people are so delicate and fragile that they shouldn't ever leave home, much less attend a university:
Three contributors to the Claremont Independent, a conservative campus newspaper and website, posted photos of themselves in tank tops that said “Claremont Independent: Always Right.”

Called “racist, sexist, classist” “ignorant,” “white supremacists,” etc. on social media, they also were attacked for “insensitivity” and making students “emotionally ill,” reports The College Fix, which captured screenshots...

Claremont Independent editor Hannah Oh asked critics to “engage with us and offer constructive criticism.” Contributors include moderates, libertarians and classical liberals, she wrote.

What if she’d said being called a racist, sexist, white supremacist had made her emotionally ill? Surely, the insults qualified as a “micro” — or perhaps even a “macro” — aggression.
I'm old enough to remember when universities were the "home" of the free speech movement.

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