Saturday, August 29, 2015

This Doesn't Happen Often

It's too early on a Saturday morning.

I'm going to a hot yoga class pretty soon--and the only way I could convince myself to get up so early to go there (it's not far from my school) is to commit to going in to work to set up the math (stats) lab.  I removed all the computers at the end of last school year and now all the tables and chairs are stacked against the walls.  It's not going to set itself up....

I'd never go in to work on a Saturday to do something like this, but since I'll already be in the area anyway due to yoga, it won't be so bad.

Update, 8/30/15:  I fired up Pandora on my computer and got the math lab set up.  I sent an email asking the principal for a few dollars--and 14 more computers so I can have one per student instead of one per pair.  Then  I got to work adding upcoming assignments to our student information system and to my web site.  By the time I left my principal had already responded to my email--I could go buy the little things I needed and get reimbursed by our comptroller, but we'll have to see about the computers :)

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