Friday, August 28, 2015

Spoiling The Dumplings

Yesterday I gave a Chapter 1 test in two of my classes.  A lot of it was Algebra 2 review but there was a little new material in it.  Finished grading them this morning.  Grades were posted online before lunch today.

Gave quizzes to three classes today.  Since there were only quizzes they didn't take long to grade, but they were all graded with scores posted online by the end of the school day.

I feel like a grading rock star today!  I can't stand when my own instructors make me wait several days for the results of a test, so I don't put my own students through that.

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Anonymous said...

One of my college English professors announced on the first day of my sophomore second semester that papers (in-class,outside-class, tests) would not be graded/returned until after the winter ski season - usually early-mid March - basically until after spring break. (thank heaven she didn't like spring skiing). She was an outstanding prof, but the toughest grader in the whole department (lots of English majors transferred to the ed school because they couldn't get at least a B in her Structure of the English Language and Stylistics courses - required for English majors in A&S) - so there was a lot of nailbiting until the papers came back - no grading on curve and no restrictions on giving lots of low grades, even failures. That was the 60s,when weed-out classes were the norm; no delicate flowers and special snowflakes then