Monday, August 03, 2015


The anniversaries of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings are coming up, and that means we're going to have to hear from the leftist revisionists again. 

Let's not.  Let's hear from someone with some sense instead.  And let's hear from this one, too.

Update, 8/6/16:  The video isn't at that link anymore.  Until I can find a direct link, you can view it here instead.


Jean said...

Do you ever listen to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast? I thought his "Logical Insanity" episode was a fantastic piece about the atom bombs. It's $2 and well worth the price.

Luke said...

IT won't be just the lefist revisionists that we'll hear from. There is an increasingly loud noise from the Paulbots that the US is to blame for all of the ills in the world.

maxutils said...

The Libertarians (not Paulbots) merely want to limit our interference. Rand didn't want to go in to Iraq… turns out, he was right. Where I disagree with him is -- since we did, we created a massive crisis which actually does affect us, and we should do something about it. But Obamaq isn't going to do it, and I can only hope the next President has a bit more respect for Israel, a bit less for Islamic nut jobs, and a better Secretary of State.

Ellen K said...

I was appalled at the NYT front page on the anniversary. My uncle, who was a Marine and retired a full Navy Commander, said that the projections were that had they opted for a conventional invasion of Japan there would have been one million total casualties at the beach. Japan has never truly apologized for the Rape of Nanking, for the "comfort women" in Korea or Saipan or Pearl. My uncle bore terrible scars from escaping the Arizona. He lost several friends. My mother talks about her small Texas town where almost every street had a Gold Star Mother who lost her son. My aunt's best friend, a Navy nurse, was on the Bataan Death March and only in the last years of her life told of the horrors she saw. Yet the New York Times wants to peg us as war criminals. When my Dad was 19 and stationed in Sasebo, the Japanese snipers were still fighting months after the surrender. He lost too many friends. We lost that when people chose to ignore WWII.

Luke said...

There are many of the hardcore supporters of Ron Paul (the Paulbots) who have much as said that the US is the worst nation on Earth because not only did we drop nukes on Japan when we didn't have to, but the entire war in the Pacific was OUR fault.

The theory goes is that is is only through our interference that the Japanese believed that it was their right to take over most of the Pacific. Without our "encouragement", the Japanese would have simply continued to lead peaceful lives and wouldn't interfere with other nations.

Then to top it all off, the Japanese were prepared to negotiate a surrender when we went and dropped a bomb on them.

So, you see, according to them, its all our fault.