Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I've Missed That

Today I went to my first hot yoga class in well over a year and a half.  I came away with two lessons.  First, I've lost all the bendiness I ever had from my previous practice.  There were muscles and tendons that wouldn't stretch at all, and others strained to do what I wanted.  I have much work to do.  And second, I really enjoy hot yoga--I'd forgotten how much.

Now I'm home, feeding the dog and me, and then hitting the books for my current master's class:  Problem Solving In History.  I'm hoping to learn how to multiply with Roman numerals.


Jean said...

My dad once worked out a way to multiply with Roman numerals. So it can be done!

Pseudotsuga said...

Wow, that's got to be rough.
Can you use an abacus to help? ;-)

CyberChalky said...

It's quite like multiplying in Binary, but messier.