Monday, August 31, 2015

Is This Really How We Want Our Society To Be?

Who could possibly have predicted that girls would complain about sharing a locker room with a boy?  Why, everyone, of course, except for those who are so open-minded that their brains have fallen out:
Students staged a walk-out even though a transgender student at Hillsboro High School has decided to drop out of P.E. class and quit changing in the girl's locker room. It is an issue that educators across the country are dealing with...

Close to 200 students used their right of free speech to express both displeasure and support of Lila Perry. She is a transgender student, who until recently, has been changing for P.E. class in the girls bathroom even though she is still physically male.

Jeff Childs, a parent of two school age children, drove from farming to have his voice heard on a Hillsboro street corner. "I feel these girls have a right to their own privacy. Without the privacy they have nothing."
I don't know if there's really a psychological condition that causes people to think they're the wrong sex, or not.  I believe, however, that we shouldn't force everyone else to have to deal with that person's particular demons.  I'm not sure that would be a healthy society.


Ellen K said...

This is almost the same situation as the way severely disabled students are parachuted into regular and even advanced courses. The social assumption is that the other children will learn to accept the special needs kids and that nobody will have problems with it. In reality the special needs students demand more time and take time away from other students who may need attention. So instead of kumbaya, the special needs students end up being resented by the others. Same thing with trangender students. Like it or not the other kids AND THEIR PARENTS have the right not to be exposed in situation where they would be changing or using showers. It is time to throw these folks imposing social change on our youngest children out of power.

Anonymous said...

Liiiterally fuck off you bigot piece of trash.

Darren said...

Usually I don't post such comments, but for some reason I've decided to post that last one, perhaps as a teaching point:
1) learn to spell "literally",
2) how, exactly, does one literally "fuck off", and
3) learn the definition of bigot. It's quite different from that of "prejudiced", which in the context of your intellectual quote *seems* to be what you meant.

Anonymous said...

You rock, Darren!

Ellen K said...

I'm sure this is some of the typical liberal substrate that embraces whatever social litmus test is popular. They probably work in a protected environment where everyone votes on what kind of gluten free bagels to order and when or if too flush the toilet. I used to be upset by such comments, now I just laugh. Do these folks realize that sooner or later there will be actions that begin to make even their children and spouses uncomfortable? At that point, to whom will they complain?