Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

This is what's been going on in Minnesota:
In 2010, the St. Paul school district began a contractual relationship with the Pacific Educational Group, a San Francisco-based organization that tries to help public schools deal with achievement and disciplinary issues involving black students.

PEG packages and sells the concept of victimization, for a very high price.

It claims that the American education system is built around white culture, tradition and social norms – aka “white privilege” – to the unfair detriment of black students.

PEG believes that black students will only achieve if school curricula are customized to meet their cultural specifications. It also rejects the concept of using suspensions or expulsions to discipline black students.

The relationship with PEG has been costly for the St. Paul district, in more ways than one...

Special needs students with behavioral issues were mainstreamed into regular classrooms, a position openly advocated by PEG.

Student suspensions were replaced by “time outs,” and school officials starting forgiving or ignoring violence and other unacceptable behavior, according to various sources.

“The disciplinary changes came out of meetings with an organization called Pacific Educational Group, a San Francisco-based operation that has been consulting with the district dating back to 2010,” the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

The result has been general chaos throughout the district, with far too many students out of control because they know there are no real consequences for their actions.
Race-specific consequences, which means no consequences at all for "certain" students.  Yeah, that's sure to make for a good environment.  In less PC days we would refer to that as "the inmates running the asylum".  Notice that word "inmates", and see if it has any meaning in the context of the story above.


Ellen K said...

Is this part of the same movement that wants to toss Shakespeare and other European/American writers for third world offerings, largely from Africa and South America?

Darren said...

Why yes, I'm sure it is.

Ellen K said...

We have heard through the grapevine that our administration is considering similar ridiculous race based consequences. I don't know how you square that with parents. I mean if my kid gets in school suspension for cheating, I'm not going to be happy if someone based on race alone is allowed to retake the test for credit. As a teacher, I wouldn't touch it. And I won't deal like this.