Monday, July 06, 2015

It's Been Awhile!

Google, which owns blogger, made my account a little too secure--I tried to log in on my phone from Tallinn, and since I hadn't logged in (from Eastern Europe) before, or on my phone, Google asked some questions that no one could answer, such as "on what date did you set up your account?"  Then they wanted to send a text message to my phone, but I'm not going to pay for an international text message!  So instead I did without, waiting till now--in my Reykjavik hotel with wifi on my Chromebook--to update my blog.  I hope the trivia questions kept you interested in the interim.

So with no further ado, let's see some pictures!

First, London:

Then we boarded the Brilliance of the Seas.  First stop, Copenhagen:

And then my first visit to a formerly-communist land, Tallinn, Estonia:

We spend 2 days in St. Petersburg, in a country I'll probably never again visit (perhaps I'll write on that another time).  Our first day we went to the Peterhof Palace and the Hermitage:

The next day I paid beaucoup dinero to get 2 hours on Nevsky Prospect, the main drag in St. Petersburg:

Back to comparative freedom, our next stop was Helsinki:
(The view was through the blue-tinted window of a ferris wheel.)

Then, Stockholm:

Our last cruise stop was the northern tip of Denmark, the resort town of Skagen:

The cruise over, we're in the last phase of this trip, Iceland:

Now that I have regular, reliable, and "free" internet access I'll be able to make a few more updates before coming home.  In the meantime, though, I hope you continue to enjoy the trivia questions!

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