Thursday, July 23, 2015

How Would You Like This Guy On Your School Board?

It certainly takes all kinds.  This is from your King County (Seattle area) voters guide, and he's running for a seat on a school board:

David Blomstrom

David Blomstrom

Education: BS in ecology from Huxley/WWU; wildlife studies at University of Alaska @ Fairbanks
Occupation: Writer, website designer and educator

"The Vietcong never called me nig---," said Muhammad Ali, a draft-dodging Muslim who recognized his real enemies: Demopublicans, fascist police, corporate attorneys, corrupt unions, apathetic brain-washed citizens, and the Jews* and corporations they work for - not communists, environmentalists or Muslims. The enemy also includes Seattle's own Bill Gates, purveyor of crappy software, phony philanthropy and genetically modified food.

I'm the only Seattle activist who targets Gates and his partner in crime, Paul "Buy Me Another Stadium" Allen, a twin disaster for education. While a teacher, I fought alone against the derelict retired general turned Seattle Schools Superintendent John Stanford - the corporate clown whose name now graces the school district's headquarters. In 1999, I became the first Seattle candidate to make derelict principals a campaign issue. (Remember Garfield High School's Al Jones?) I'm now the first to blow the whistle on Seattle's Jewish Mafia, as represented by The Stranger and The Seattle Weekly. I know who the enemy is, and I'm not afraid to stick it to 'em.

Home to Microshaft, the Discovery Institute (a creationist stink tank) and Shell Oil's Arctic rape squad, Seattle has become a capital of the so-called New World Order. As intelligent, caring members of the community are pushed out by gentrification and yuppies, there are fewer people like me left to fight back. Moreover, genuine activists never get a fair shake; the game is rigged. Yet I continue to run for office because it's educational, I love to fight, and it's the right thing to do.

Wake up and support your children, not the clueless troops who murder children in occupied countries! In solidarity with Iran, Syria, Russia, Latin America, freedom fighters around the world and the students who called me Mr. B, Viva la revolucion! (Visit my website and join the Global Awakening.)
While you've got to enjoy his candor, the guy's obviously a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

One local Jewish resident wasn't pleased with the Jewish Mafia comment:
I admittedly am not aware of where, legally, the line is drawn between political free speech and ‘hate speech’...

Can you honestly say or demonstrate that if comments similar to those of David Blomstrom (page 73, Voters’ Pamphlet) – casting the “Jews*” (not sure why the asterisk was included; perhaps some psychological ‘tic’ expressing itself on paper) and the ‘Jewish Mafia’ as being among the many enemies of the citizens of King County (he never actually identifies specifically who his collection of enemies are enemies of) – were directed against other religious, ethnic or racial groups that those comments would be published in a King County Voters’ Pamphlet?

Why should I or any of my co-religionists have to tolerate such hatred in a Voters’ Pamphlet.  As a Jew, I am sick of seeing my people maligned and sick of seeing my children (Blomstrom entreats the reader to ‘support your children’, perhaps the only glimpse of sanity in his ‘statement’) exposed to expressions of antisemitism on campus, in social media and in the public political forum.
He got a response which ended with:
On a personal level I am deeply sorry. Sherill Huff, King County Director of Elections.
I'm all for publishing the crazy man's words--that's the best way to let people know he's crazy.  The original complainant seems to understand this but doesn't like it, and then points out the obvious:
The issue says Behar, is what he suspects is a double standard. “What bothers me is that I find it hard to believe they have never before received any candidate ‘statements’ that slander African Americans, Muslims, Hispanics, sexual minorities….  My suspicion is that they themselves may be less inclined to censor comments about Jews than when they pertain to other more favored minorities.  They are telling me they can’t control it, no matter who, but I can’t help but be a little skeptical.”
Seattle.  San Francisco of the North.


PeggyU said...

He ran for State Superintendent in 2004. I guess he's lowered his aim a bit.

Ellen K said...

If you read his words, they flow like the ravings of a madman. In many ways he's like Tanahnesi Coates who blames all his personal ills on the actions of others. I'm rather shocked the city would publish it without heavy editing simply to keep the length of the rant down to a manageable size. Perhaps they wanted to reveal the depth of crazy this man inhabits in hopes voters would see beyond it and vote for someone else. Did they elect this nut? If so I have to wonder what's in the drinking water there.

Pseudotsuga said...

Seattleites try SO HARD to be progressive and modern and to ape their 'betters.' They're trying so hard to get a light rail system built because all the "cool cities," the modern, progressive liberal utopias have them. Even Portland, Seattle-Lite, has a light rail system! This makes Seattliberals sad and jealous, so they decided it was important that they signal their progressive credentials and get one too, hang the expense and actual impact.
But, yes--let the crazy hang out in the winds, to twist and turn in the light of day.