Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bad Guys In The World

This excerpt comes from a piece on the execution of a terrapin farm manager in North Korea:
American elites have always had trouble understanding fanaticism. The brahmins in the Roosevelt White House could not understand why the Japanese would fight to the last man rather than surrender. And think of the presidents from Nixon on who truly understood Islamic fanaticism. Carter hadn’t a clue. Reagan tried to deal with them. Both Bushes clearly underestimated the depth of hatred of the U.S. by the fanatics in the Middle East. Clinton thought lobbing cruise missiles was enough. And Obama insists Islamic fanaticism doesn’t even exist.

So it shouldn’t surprise us when we have failed to grasp the depth of depraved fanaticism in North Korea.
And this guy probably has nukes.  I know what let's do, let's ensure another country run by fanatical wackadoos gets nukes!

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MikeAT said...

It's worse than that Darren, In a debate on Iran, a friend made the point he wishes he could rid the world of nukes. I made a point with this friend (someone I recently introduced you to) that at least with the Soviets they wanted to live and understood MAD every which way. The mullahs in Tehran see the end of days coming up and they are happy to help push it along.

God help us all!