Sunday, May 03, 2015

So Many Rules

This list of playground rules is posted at a local elementary school:
Notice the second requirement under "snack".  Perhaps the author is suggesting that if you invert the trash, it will multiply.


maxutils said...

Nothing better than an administatively created sign, with not just a misspelling but a lethal use of an incorrect word …

My real problem is, no running on the blacktop. Battling child obesity, I wonder what Michelle Obams's reacrion would be to that, or that kids aren't allowed to play before or after school anymore? And, since handball and basketball can be played on … I presume, the blacktop, how does that work? Do people walk over to pick up rebounds? And since those ames are much more likely to be played in elementary by boys than girls, doesn't that amount to sexism?

KauaiMark said...

What's a trash "reciprocal"?

Is it 1/trashcan math or something opposite of a trash can?