Friday, May 15, 2015

Making Us All Look Bad

Is a truck with US flags in the parking lot a disruption to the educational environment?  No?  Then what the heck?
Peyton drove his pickup truck to school on Wednesday with Old Glory and the POW-MIA flag hoisted in the truck bed.

He told television station WBTV that an administrator directed him to remove both flags – and leave them at home – never bring them back.

“He said we’re having some issues,” Peyton said. “Some people were complaining about the flags in your truck, possibly offend them. He asked me to take them down.”

Someone was offended by the American flag --- in South Carolina?

“I’d understand if it was the Confederate flag or something that might offend somebody,” the young man said. “I wouldn’t do that. But an American flag – that’s our country’s flag.”

The school administrator also told Peyton that the 4x6 flag posed a safety issue and therefore broke a pre-existing rule.

It’s unclear what the exact safety issue was – unless the high school is concerned about a spontaneous outbreak of patriotism.

At the end of the school day, Peyton discovered that a school official had removed the bolts that secured the flags and took them down. The flags were placed in the middle of the boy’s truck bed.
As is often the case, the disinfecting power of sunlight prompted a change of heart:
So Peyton decided to write a note about what happened on his Facebook page. And the following day, moms and dads and students and a handful of veterans staged a protest outside the high school.

It wasn’t too long afterwards that the school district had a change of heart and reversed its flag ban.
This is what is meant by having to "fight" for what's right.  Sadly, people, especially martinets, won't always do what's right until they have to.

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