Thursday, April 02, 2015

When The Clothes Come Off, So Should The Recording Devices

I know teenagers like recording things on their phones.  I know teenagers like having sex.  I know teenagers like pushing limits.

Teenagers should heed my words.

There is little value to be gained, and plenty of harm to be done, by recording yourself having sex (unless you're a college-aged guy and want evidence that the sex was consensual).  My advice is don't do it.  What do you expect to gain by doing so?  In certain circumstances, you become a sex offender:
Four Chicago-area teenagers faces felony child-pornography charges after uploading a video of themselves having sex to Twitter. The three boys and one girl, ages 14-16, are being held in juvenile custody until a court hearing later this month.

Both the sex and the posting of the video were consensual—this is not a rape or "revenge porn" scenario. But under Illinois law (as in many other states), minors who post sexually-oriented images of themselves online or even share them privately with one another can be charged as child pornographers...

But if convicted as child pornographers, these kids may be ripped from their schools and communities, placed in juvenile detention centers, and branded felons and sex offenders for life. As such, they'll have limited eligibility for college loans, limited employment opportunities, and restrictions on where they can live, travel, and more.
I believe that many of our sex offender laws are draconian--but challenge them (in this manner) at your own risk.


Ellen K said...

We had a case several years ago where some dumb girl sent a topless photo of herself to a guy she wanted to date. Needless to say that the photo went everywhere and this was back when not all cell phones had cameras or the capability of receiving photos. Those kinds of pictures live on the internet forever. What is more, when schools find them and can identify the person or persons, they have to contact the FBI and enter the images in the Missing and Exploited Children Database certifying that the minor in question is not being abused or exploited by others. When I hear stories of celebrity nude photos being leaked I have to laugh. Who in their right mind does this?

Anonymous said...

"Who in their right mind does this?"

Depending on what you mean by "this" ... Rihanna had an astute (yes, really!) comment about this a few years ago.

She was asked if she had taken (or had taken ... I don't remember) any nude pictures of herself. She said yes she had because if you wait until you are older it is too late.

I can easily imagine folks wanting photos of themselves when they were young and pretty (and sexually attractive). Not me, but it is easy to understand the motivation.

Now *sending* these photos to someone else is a "whole 'nuther thing"...

-Mark Roulo