Thursday, April 16, 2015

There Is A Rape Culture In The World, But It's Not On US University Campuses

Let's have some direct talk about the foolishness of so-called rape culture:
Gender relations on campus have never been more tenuous, as evidenced by our current obsession with what we’ve carelessly labeled a ‘rape culture.’ Yet among all the rhetoric, no one has thought to ask the obvious: How did we land in such a messy and litigious sexual environment? Do we honestly believe the average college male poses a grave threat to the average college female? That would mean the previous generation of mothers just happened to produce a giant crop of rapists. Either that or something in the water caused men to turn on women en masse.

C’mon. Sex on campus isn’t new—what’s new is the nature of that sex...

There is no rape culture on campus. (Note I didn’t say no one’s ever been raped on campus.) What there is is an awful lot of gray between the sheets. And this phenomenon exists because, for one thing, two people are drunk—which is a problem in itself—and because women are under the impression their libidos are the same as men’s. They are not. When women have sex, it isn’t recreational. It’s significant. That is why women sometimes lie about having been raped. They’re distraught over the previous night’s (or previous year’s) events.
Yes, women lie about rape. (If this upsets you to hear, you have an undeniable bias against men. Your knee-jerk reaction is that men are inherently bad and women are inherently good.) They lie because not many women are able to have sex for fun and walk away unscathed. That’s why they’re almost always drunk when the sexual liaison occurs.

That isn’t victim blaming, nor does it make men blameless. It just means the real phenomenon that exists on campus is that men, who are more sexually charged by nature, are responding to women’s advances and getting burned.
As I say so often when it comes to these liberal memes, you have to wonder why some people choose to believe that something like "rape culture" exists.  What (good) do they get out of such a sick belief?

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Ellen K said...

Pop culture has for the last forty years tried to convince women that sex without love is possible. For most women it is not. There's a reason for that and it has to do with the hardwiring that pushes us to seek a mate and settle down. Feminists may not like that, but those same feminists will buy into the reproductive clock myth that drives even lesbian couples to conceive before time runs out.