Monday, April 13, 2015

It Was The Standardized Test That Got Him In Trouble

My guess is that even using the teacher's not-so-secure password wouldn't get the adult felony charge were it not for the state test on the teacher's computer:
A Florida eighth-grader has been arrested on a felony charge after playing a prank on a teacher he didn't like, officials said Sunday.

Authorities say 14-year-old Domanik Green broke into a school computer at the Paul R. Smith Middle School in Holiday and changed the background of the teacher’s computer to one that displayed an image of two men kissing, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told reporters Thursday there was nothing amusing about what Green did. He said the boy hacked into a computer containing the 2014 standardized test Florida administers to students in all its public schools.

“Even though some might say this is just a teenage prank, who knows what this teenager might have done,” he said.
Looks like it was last year's test.  What's it doing on the teacher's computer?  Lots of interesting questions here.

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maxutils said...

Good point. Looks like a cad which the district would probably prefer to make go quietly away, and then discipline the teacher.