Thursday, April 16, 2015

Are We Getting Our Money's Worth?

California has 11-12% of the US population but look at the tax money collected here:
California is not only the nation’s most populous state but the 800-pound gorilla of taxation, a new Census Bureau report reveals.

During the 2013-14 fiscal year that ended last June, California collected $138.1 billion in taxes of all kinds, 16 percent of all state taxes collected in the nation and more than the next two states, New York and Texas, combined...

The report covered just state taxes, not those levied by cities, counties, school districts and other local governments, such as California’s approximately $50 billion in local property taxes.
Among the worst roads in the country.  Low performing schools.  Excessive regulation.  One-third of all welfare in the country.

Do you see any connections?

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Auntie Ann said...

Do you see any connections?

Only when the potholes reach out and link up.