Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Who Decides What Words Get Banned?

If they're going to start banning (or banning-lite) certain words and phrases, could we start with the vulgar and profane ones first?  I'm tired of hearing f-bombs dropped in public:
The University of Michigan hopes its students will stop saying certain words and phrases that could be considered offensive.

"Such as: Illegal alien, ghetto and gypped," one Fox News anchor said.

Several derogatory words referring to a person's race or religion are on the list. Certain phrases are also discouraged, like "That test raped me."

It has launched a $16,000 Inclusive Language Campaign, or ILC.

As noted by the university, "The ILC raises awareness about the power of words, why certain language can be hurtful to others, and how to be more inclusive in how we speak and act as members of the Michigan campus community."

The College Fix chatted with a university spokesperson who said the program isn't regulatory, but educational -- which is pretty obvious point, considering America's "freedom of speech" amendment in the Constitution.
No matter how you slice it, this is doubleplusungood.  Orwell showed us where this leads.


pseudotsuga said...

I wonder if there is an administrator, with a commensurate administrator salary, who is in charge of this?
And yet there's never the money to hire enough faculty...

Ellen K said...

We have to change our society back into one where the thin skinned and overly sensitive do not get compensated in coin or in courtesy for pitching a fit every time they get their feelings hurt. It's a big old world out there and not everyone is going to agree with you on any issue. Why does the left hate freedom?

maxutils said...

If you believe in freedom of speech, and the constitution … the obvious answer is 'no one' --unless the words proved to harm someone physically or financially, directly. This really shouldn't even be a question.