Saturday, February 14, 2015

Doesn't A Story Like This Make You Feel Good To Be Alive?

I love it when a kid tries hard to catch a break.

A couple weeks ago the internet was all a-flutter with the story of the teenager who went into Target to buy a clip-on tie to wear to a job interview; some employees there taught him how to tie an actual tie and gave him some good advice on interviewing.  This was caught on video by another customer, who rightly thought these "Target Team Members" went above and beyond in helping the young man.

The kid got the job :-)
The teen had come in the store to buy a clip-on tie for an interview at Chick fil-A. But soon an employee was sharing interview tips while another began teaching him how to tie a tie, as HLN previously reported. When another shopper overheard their conversation, she decided she needed to snap a picture: Finally, something worth sharing.

Well, Yasir went on his interview with Chick fil-A -- and he aced it!

But David Langston, the owner/operator of the Chick fil-A location at Triangle Town Center in Raleigh, wants to be very clear about something.

"Yasir didn’t get hired because of social media, Yasir got hired because he went after it," he told HLN.

“The biggest thing to me is what I saw is a hunger to grow, and that’s something that you really can’t teach. You just have to already have that,” Langston said.
Congratulations to Chick-fil-A's newest employee, and many thumbs-up to the Target employees.

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