Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Worse Than "Rape Culture"

I've pointed out enough times on this blog that despite liberal fantasies to the contrary, "rape culture" doesn't exist.  What does exist, though, and is promulgated by the president himself, is the belief that men--most especially men in college, for some reason--who are accused of rape are entitled to less due process protection than just about anyone else in our society.  Universities are, under direction from the US Department of Education, supposed to ensure all sorts of rights and privacy for accusers but very little for the accused.  The justification for this, and for the extremely low "preponderance of evidence" standard, is that getting kicked out of school is not a court proceeding so court requirements need not be followed.

Men are starting to strike back, suing the schools that treated them unjustly:
Amherst College in Massachusetts is the latest school to reach a settlement with a student over claims that the school treated him unfairly in a campus sexual assault case.

“John Doe,” filed a lawsuit against the school in 2014, after a years-old informal complaint alleging he had sexually assaulted another student was revived — just two weeks before Doe was set to graduate. The terms of the settlement are confidential...

John Doe is among a growing number of young men receiving settlements after suing their universities over lack of due process and discrimination in sexual assault hearings.

A Voice for Male Students has compiled a list of 57 lawsuits against universities for such acts. By comparison, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is investigating nearly 100 complaints filed by students claiming they were sexually assaulted and their allegations mishandled.
Here's the most (in)famous recent case, which included an invitation to the State of the Union Address for the liar/accuser!

Honestly, I would never have dreamed that such miscarriages of justice could be endemic in this country in the 21st Century.

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