Monday, January 05, 2015

This Can't Be Right. It Doesn't Advance The Liberal Narrative.

It's in the New York Times so you libs cannot disagree with it:
A few weeks ago, I wrote about China and India’s challenges with high particulate matter pollution — widely believed to be the most harmful form of air pollution. A chart comparing air pollution levels caught many eyes because it showed the severity of the problem in China, and even more in India.

It also showed that Europe is slightly more polluted than the United States. With the European Union’s climate leadership, including a cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases, some might find this surprising.
That's right, boys and girls,the Land of Runaway Socialism is more polluted than is the US.  I hope you didn't hear it here first, but you probably did.

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Ellen K said...

This, like Obamacare, is not about serving a cause-it is about consolidating power. Obama and the Democrats want government control of all industries. Never mind that it has hurt almost every nation except Germany. Never mind that France is cutting back on their medical care or that the two tiered system in the UK is more divided than our Congress. This is all about power. They could not care less who they hurt in the process.