Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Than Just The Gym Is Full of Crap

How can anyone think this is an appropriate response?
A North Texas school district is investigating after about two dozen elementary students had to pull their pants down when feces were found on a gym floor.

A parent says the children in Gustine were forced to expose their underwear for inspection...

Superintendent Ken Baugh says he does not condone the search and that partially strip-searching students went too far. He says the district is investigating.
We have a law about this in California.  You have to wonder what exactly precipitated this being added to education code:
Section 49050: No school employee shall conduct a search that involves:
(a) Conducting a body cavity search of a pupil manually or with an instrument.
(b) Removing or arranging any or all of the clothing of a pupil to permit a visual inspection of the underclothing, breast, buttocks, or genitalia of the pupil.
(Added by Stats. 1988, Ch. 1102, Sec. 1.)


Mike Thiac said...

As a police supervisor, I can authorize a strip search of a suspect if there is reasonable suspicion of a crime or evidence of a crime. So we're all on the same sheet of music, a strip search means you can take the cloths off and look around the body. With the exception of the mouth, you cannot penetrate the body (e.g. anus, vigina) and this search has to be done by same sex staff. But that is for the investigation of a crime. I don't see a crime here by the kids but I think I see one by the staff. If I am that principle I'm calling my union lawyer now!

Darren said...

California law forbids *school employees* from conducting such a search. I have no doubt that law enforcement can do so under certain circumstances.

maxutils said...

Let's look at the larger question. They were elementary students. Unless the feces were smeared on the floor reading "Bite Me," it was likely an accident. Many kids have had that happen (including me --second grade, very traumatizing) so … what's the BEST case scenario? You find the person who messed his pants, you gain nothing (I'm guessing you don't rub his/her nose in it) and that person will from that point on be known as "s***ty pants." Way to go.

Ellen K said...

I don't know whether it's inbreeding or just a feeling that there's no higher power, but small towns seem to behave like they are laws unto themselves and small town schools are no different. That this was inappropriate, there's no question. I remember ten years ago an especially successful 11 year old girl soccer player was subjected to a panty check to make sure she wasn't a boy. Some people are simply backward and that's true whether they are in Texas, Tacoma or Tennessee. Believe me, NOBODY is more upset about this than big name local school districts in the North Texas area. Of course, what is alarming is that someone is pooping on the floor of the gym with such regularity as to be a common occurrence. That too is weird behavior.