Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gender Charts

Check out Professor Mark Perry's charts:
#1 US Rape Rate--It's been going down for 15 years.
#2 Rape/Sexual Assault of Young Females--First, 1 in 5 college women are not being raped or sexually assaulted.  Second, since the rate for students is less than the rate for non-students, why is the left talking making such an issue out of assaults on campus?
#3 1 in 52 College Women Have Been Victims of Sexual Assault or Rape--yes, that's more than it should be, but why inflate the number by a factor of 10?
#4 The 1-in-5 claim can't possibly be true, because...
#5 For the 1-in-5 claim to be true...
#6 Gender Pay Gap At The White House--maybe that is where Obama gets his facts and figures.
#7 Occupational Fatalities By Gender--talk about female privilege.
#8 2014 SAT Math Scores By Gender--maybe, just maybe, that 30 point difference is telling us something.
#9 2014 SAT Math, Male/Female Ratios By Test Score
#10 College Classes of 2014--many more women are getting degrees than men.


Jerry Doctor said...

For 2011-2012 41% of bachelor's degrees, 43% of master's degrees and 37% of doctorates in statistics went to females. Perhaps this under-representation is why so many of those complaining about the treatment of women seem to have so much trouble with numbers.

One time the district science supervisor was complaining about my department's failure to have gender equity in our higher level science classes. I finally had to explain to her that in order to have equal male/female representation in these classes, some of the girls would have to be removed.

Ellen K said...

Or, you could hire a teacher who has emergency certification who may or may not be able to teach an upper level science or math course. Right now I have AP students complaining to me about a couple of such teachers right now. Despite the AP requirement to file a syllabus for approval, both have simply adopted existing programs and the students are not learning the material.

Jerry Doctor said...


I taught the AP Chem class. My daughter took it... at another school. She spent many hours at the dining room table with me learning how to do the homework problems. The next day in class when the teacher couldn't answer questions about the homework my daughter was able to show the other students how to work them. On the other hand, her class did make some very nice posters for "Mole Day."

I always maintained that you shouldn't be allowed to teach an AP class unless you could pass the AP Exam.