Thursday, October 16, 2014

She Has Big Boots To Fill

Lynda Carter is among the most attractive women who has ever lived.  That's partly why she was cast as Wonder Woman in the 1970s tv show.  Anyone who portrays Wonder Woman has to live up to Carter's portrayal of the Amazon princess as a tough, intelligent, and caring person without a hint of any character flaws.

In today's movie environment there's a trend of "going dark"--the good guys (and gals!) have an evil edge, or a dark secret, or they give in to human foibles or other weaknesses.  I'm not a fan of that trend, I want to see my good guys (and gals!) be good guys (and gals!).  I want them to be better than the rest of us, not just stronger--and that's how Carter played Wonder Woman.

In 2017 Warner Bros. is going to release a Wonder Woman movie.  Just a look at the released picture leads me to fear that Wonder Woman is going to be less Wonder and more Woman:
Dark.  That's not what Wonder Woman is supposed to be.  This is:
If they take away the feminine side of Wonder Woman and just make her a warrior who happens to be a woman, Warner Bros. will be taking away one of the important attributes of Wonder Woman. 

Anyone with special abilities can kick butt and take names.  There's more to Wonder Woman than just that.


Jerry Doctor said...

As Emily Litella might have said, "What's all this I hear about Lynda Carter's big boo..."

"That's big boots, Ms. Litella."

"Oh, that's different. Never mind."

pseudotsuga said...

My youngest brother at the age of 4 or 5 liked to dress up as Wonder Woman (this was back in the Linda Carter days). My mother made him a crown and bracelets, and he had a good time running around the house with his lasso. To him, she was just a super hero. He didn't care that Wonder Woman had things that he didn't, umm...big boots.

PeggyU said...

^ And I bet you never let him live it down. :)