Sunday, October 05, 2014

School Sex Sans Sizzle

This author is right; George Carlin would know how to ridicule this new law and those who supported and passed it:
Do the sex code writers really expect an already consummated couple, so to speak, who met a month before in English lit class, Jamie and Sam say, to calmly discuss beforehand the nuance of whether they are going to make love, have sex, or rut like beasts of the field? Oh, how I long to know what the late George Carlin would have done with such material, unseemly by nature as it may be and as he often was (though usually for some redeeming purpose).

But the PC crowd that thinks up this stuff does not find anything about it the least bit funny. As best I can tell from a safe distance, campus Big Sister is totally humorless, thus managing the improbable feat of being unseemly, inane and tedious all at the same time.
Again I ask, why are college students the only individuals whose sexual activities are being scrutinized and legislated?

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Anonymous said...

ya... there's only so many crazy things you can do in a dorm room or in the beer closet of a frat house... imagine what's going on in the big terrible world of people who own their own homes and have their own apartments without roommates