Monday, October 13, 2014


Does anyone truly believe this will do anything to combat so-called childhood obesity?
Students celebrating a birthday at a northern Kentucky elementary school will have to do without birthday cake -- or any kind of food for that matter.

The Kentucky Enquirer reports Burlington Elementary School recently revised its wellness policy to address the growing childhood obesity rate nationwide.

It's among a few schools that have a no-food-for-birthdays rule.
When I was young I thought my generation would do a better job than the baby boomers when we finally got to be in charge. I was mistaken.  They're pikers compared to our ability to demonstrate idiocy.


Ellen K said...

My new teacher went to a fourth birthday party in California for her niece. The parents of said child agonized about letting her have a cupcake for her birthday. When treats were being passed out, other parents of children at the party refused to let their kids have a vanilla cupcake because of the sugar. I have seen what happens to kids like this. They begin seeking the food they want at any price and often end up stealing food from others. These well meaning nutjobs are setting their kids up for eating disorders out the wazoo. Everything is a matter of balance. And one cupcake will not destroy a child unless they are diabetic.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am a baby boomer, and I just don't get why kids should bring food to school on their birthdays. In the '50's we had candy hearts on Valentine's Day, candy canes at Christmas (OK, the Holidays), and popcorn balls at Halloween. No other food, ever. For crying out loud, in the '80's my kids were given cupcakes every week, pizza as a reward for reading a few books, and donuts at the drop of a hat. As far as I'm concerned, all this did was to teach kids that you aren't having a good time unless there is food involved.

Darren said...

I'm a year younger than the youngest boomers. I remember periodically having cupcakes in elementary school. We even had "room mothers" who would sometimes bring in snacks, help out, etc. It's not like it was every day, every week, or even every month! I don't necessarily recall birthday parties in elementary school, but we certainly had parties for other reasons. No one died, either.