Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm Done Studying Tonight

As you can see, this is my 3rd post in the last few minutes.  That indicates that, even though I'd planned to go until 9:00, I'm already done.  An hour early.  It won't do any more good to try to stuff into my head the 7 definitions, 3 proofs, and 4 algorithms that will be on tomorrow's test.  Smoke is pouring out of my ears almost like it it poured out of the microwave last Thursday at lunch.

I'll study some more during my prep period tomorrow.  Some students told me about Quizlet.com, at which site I created flash cards to help me with the definitions and the key points of the algorithms.  I'll use that, and practice the proofs, during my prep period and bank on "natural ability/talent" to get me through any calculations, actually carrying out the steps of the algorithms, etc.  So far that's worked for me, but I fear that one of these days that won't be enough.  Until that day, though....

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Mike Thiac said...

My advise to you, is to start drinking heavily! :<)