Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Even Harvard Law Professors Think The New Sexual Kangaroo Courts Are Out of Control

From Harvard and the Boston Globe, neither of which is known for its he-man-woman-haters-club credentials:
As members of the faculty of Harvard Law School, we write to voice our strong objections to the Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures imposed by the central university administration and the Corporation on all parts of the university, including the law school.

We strongly endorse the importance of protecting our students from sexual misconduct and providing an educational environment free from the sexual and other harassment that can diminish educational opportunity. But we believe that this particular sexual harassment policy adopted by Harvard will do more harm than good.

As teachers responsible for educating our students about due process of law, the substantive law governing discrimination and violence, appropriate administrative decision-making, and the rule of law generally, we find the new sexual harassment policy inconsistent with many of the most basic principles we teach. We also find the process by which this policy was decided and imposed on all parts of the university inconsistent with the finest traditions of Harvard University, of faculty governance, and of academic freedom.

Among our many concerns are the following...
You'll want to read the whole thing.  Due process is built into our national Constitution for a very good reason, and cynical political manipulations are not a good reason to ignore it.

Like so many other stupid things, this, too, shall pass when a couple of women get caught up in the dragnet.


maxutils said...

Just wanted to put it out there just agreed with something Alan Dershowitz signed. He was supposed to make an appearance on FOX New's excellent satirical opponent to "The View" to discuss this issue ... but cancelled. I was kind of bummed. Nonetheless ...right is right. And he's in the right here.

allen (in Michigan) said...

I suspect the "rape culture" meme's achieved a critical mass and like similar madnesses that preceded it, we'll be reduced to try to hold the damage it does to a minimum until the fever resides.