Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Race No One Cares About--Is Heating Up!

Why would anyone care who California's Superintendent of Public Instruction is?  Is the job any more important, any more glamorous, any more influential than the state's Insurance Commissioner?  Some people think so, at least this time around:
Independent expenditure committees have set aside almost $5.5 million in the past week for the final stage of California’s hotly contested superintendent of public instruction race, an ideologically charged battle that has pitted incumbent Tom Torlakson against former schools executive Marshall Tuck over teacher job protections.
The CTA supports Torlakson, which would be reason enough for me to support Tuck had I not already formed an opinion of Torlakson a couple years ago when he spoke at a gathering featuring Diane Ravitch.  That night, and CTA's support, are two strikes against Torlakson in my book.

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