Monday, August 25, 2014

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Play Dirty

Can anyone come up with a similar situation in which it was Republicans acting like this?
The indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry on August 15, 2014 has drawn criticism from pundits, politicians and papers all over the country. Some Democrats have disavowed the indictment, going as far as to claim that launching courtroom attacks against their opponents in the GOP is just not how Democrats operate.

But is that the case? Or have Democrats shown a disturbing pattern of using courtrooms to go after Republicans who pose a threat to them?

The following eight cases suggest that Democrats will wield ethics complaints and courtrooms as weapons against Republicans at strategic moments.
Let's not forget "let's keep recounting votes until we get the result we want", a la Christine Gregoire's 3 counts until they finally found enough votes in the trunk of someone's car in Seattle to put her over the top against Gino Rossi.  Let's not forget other electoral shenanigans, such as illegally allowing Frank Lautenberg on the ballot to replace Robert Torricelli when he had to resign.  And these are recent ones off the top of my head, there are plenty more from history.


maxutils said...

Well ... many of those may be playing dirty, but at least a couple have some merit. Hutchinson being found guilty of 'sending out Christmas cards' being one ... I seem to remember a fairly bipartisan raid on use of federal postal meters for personal gain. Ryan may not have done anything wrong, but I would not only prefer to have more stringent examination of donations, but not to allow private donations at all -- but, it's certainly fair play to investigate. Perry? If he hadn't said anything, he'd be fine, and I don't disagree that he should have asked someone overseeing DUI programs getting a DUI, and a bad one, (.24 for a woman is some serious BAL) -- but she still has rights. The minute he said, and I've heard him say it, I'll veto this funding unless you resign, that's extortion.

So what about eh Republicans? Well, trying to impeach Clinton would count, I think --despite the fact that he wound up being disbarred for lying under oath over a seemingly trivial matter. How about suing Obama over exceeding his executive powers (although I agree with that perception)? How about Mondale being decimated by the ad about the killer he legally allowed parole, or Kerrey and the long boat thing? Or Edwards and his affair?

The fact is, both major parties don't play fair, and as long as we continue (we excludes me, btw) to vote them, it's going to be the same crap every time. The only good thing is, when they're attacking each other it's more difficult for them to pass bad legislation.

maxutils said...

And ... let's not forget Californians of both major par tie happily tossing Pete Wilson aside as our governor ...and electing a third rate actor in his place....

Darren said...

It was Gray Davis, and that was done completely above board. "Recalls" are legitimate, bogus charges are not.

maxutils said...

My bad. It was Gray
Davis ...who was horrrible. Pete Wilson actually did an okay job, but Gray was his LT. Gov, whatever that is. But why doesn't that undermine the attempt to recall Ryan? Both were based on reasonable charges. For Gray, being stupid, in general .. for Ryan, not liking unions ....

Ellen K said...

Austin (Travis County) does its best to be like LA. It is not unusual to see their elected officials take almost contrarian views to the rest of the state.

Mike Thiac said...

Max your off.

A bit of abby-normal government from the Lone Star State. Many moons ago the state’s public integrity section was under the Attorney General. It was being (ab) used by the then governor against his political enemies so the state decided to put it out of the reach of the state (except for funding) by having it supervised by the Travis County DA. That’s where the capital is.

Fast forward to when the DA was booked for DUI and served time. Take my word for it, you spend time in a first time DWI you have made an impression with the judge. So she disgraces the office and Perry legitimately has the issue of giving this woman state money and power. She can’t be trusted to drive home so I would bet she can’t be trusted to go after political enemies.

It is not extortion. Perry was well within his authority as governor to line item veto that part of the budget. That’s not private money. Now the real problem is the state is using a country office to police statewide public officials and that needs to change. Either attach it back to the Attorney General or the state supreme court.

maxutils said...

I respectfully disagree... you added info that I was unaware of -- I assumed that she served at the pleasure of the Governor, and that he should have fired her. Given that that's not the case? He should have handled it differently.
my way would be to encourage her to resign, and if she refused, go on a very public prosecution in which Perry could seem to be the guy with integrity , and her reputation would be smashed.
but ...assuming her department is necessary? Why should all the other recipients of this money be penalized? I'm sorry, but that is an abuse of executive power, despite the fact that I agree with his position.