Friday, July 04, 2014

Sexist Article!

With its title, is CNN suggesting that the women justices on the Supreme Court are throwing a hissy fit?
Supreme Court women lash out at birth control decision
CNN's @WarOnWomen!!!

You don't want businesses making decisions about birth control?  Don't require business to pay for your health insurance.  The contortions the liberals go through to justify the abomination of Obamacare are truly amazing.


allen (in Michigan) said...

Obamacare's the left's high water mark in American and it took the moving of heaven and earth to get it enacted even though it's not really what lefties want. Hysteria in its defense is to be expected.

What I find interesting is that a contingent of conservatives, the conservativer-then-though contingent, seems to be quiet about the fact of public resistance to and anger about Obamacare puts the lie to their favorite trope about the unaligned, the frog in the pot. Looks like when the water gets hot enough that frog does jump out and when it does it jumps into a voting booth.

Hard to square the fact of public disaffection with Obamacare with the belief the public will always be stupid enough to fall in line with lefty promises but the folks who like to throw the insult of "sheeple" around seem to have found a way to do so.

maxutils said...

Hissy fit is either brilliant or completely derogatory in a post about female birth control ... trying to decide.

Darren said...

It's both accurate and brilliant, which is why I chose the term I did ;)

Anonymous said...

or everyone could just do a little research and pick it up for free, no questions asked at planned parenthood. if one is the individual making those decisions, then one can handle it themselves. the employer isn't forcing the employees to have sex or not, why should they have to pick up the tab for birth control? my boss isn't supplying anyone condoms, why should they have to supply birth control?

maxutils said...

Darren ... I'm glad you knew what you were doing. And unsurprised ...

Anonymous, there were 4 forms of birth control out of 20 the firm didn't want their plan to include ... I can't name all 4, but one was the Plan B pill, whose use indicates not having used provided birth control during the act ... usually... and the IUD which ...does anyone really use that since the advent of the pill? And with Plan B, if you are morally opposed to abortion (and I'm not) you can make a very legitimate argument that it is a form of abortion. Not wanting to fund it is perfectly reasonable ... and a right already given to non-profits through yet another non- Canstitutional change to the Obamacare law.
I don't know if condoms are on the list, but I do know that I've never been offered them through any of my three health plans ... but I do know that there are many places to get them free ... obviously PP, but also schools, universities, likely doctor's offices, and swinger's clubs ... which put them out in large bowls as a safety issue.