Tuesday, July 01, 2014

If It's Good For The Goose

First off, I don't think this is racist at all.  A little mockery isn't always racist.
The most expensive prep schoolin the country, the Lawrenceville School, spent much of its spring semester mired in racial tensions as its first black student-body president was forced to step down for “mocking” white male students on Instagram.  
In the photo that Maya Peterson posted of herself to Instagram in March when she was a senior, she poses as a typical “Lawrenceville boi” — wearing a Yale sweatshirt and duck boots, holding a hockey stick. It's hashtagged #romney2016, #confederate, and #peakedinhighschool.  
However, we can't have a double standard just because the "mocker" is a black girl and the "mockees" are white boys, can we?  In our society today she had to go, it was the right decision.

Are you lefties proud of the society you've created?

I can see a silver lining, though.  If this happens enough, pretty soon it'll go away for everyone and we'll have the colorblind society that Dr. King and Justice Marshall fought so hard for.


allen (in Michigan) said...

There's a William Gibson quote that's entirely apropos - "The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed."

We already have a colorblind society as more then a few popular television shows or a trip to any shopping mall and will attest. But that colorblindness isn't evenly distributed. Among the media, academe and the political class there's a desperate clinging to racial discrimination. It seems to be a function of how elevated above the common folk the modern racial discriminator assumes themselves to be.

As time goes on though these die hards will either reluctantly relinquish their racist ways in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary or cling grimly to them and become a burden to everyone who knows them, explaining at any opportunity and to anyone who makes the mistake of showing the slightest interest, that America is still a racist nation.

maxutils said...

I disagree. We CAN have a double standard, and that standard should contain 'cleverness'. This seemed funny to me... I don't see why it's a problem. I would like to think those of us who are more evolved can take a joke ...