Wednesday, May 07, 2014

When You Have To Keep Changing The Name, You're Losing

IT’S NOT SCIENCE.  IT’S A CHEAP CHINESE RESTAURANT: Let’s Call It ‘Climate Disruption,’ White House Science Adviser Suggests (Again).  Like liberalism, socialism, progressivism, this things keeps changing names when people catch on.  link
I don't get the "cheap Chinese restaurant" reference, but the rest is correct.


Anonymous said...

I think the "cheap Chinese restaurant" bit is referring to a given restaurant location being a succession of cheap Chinese food vendors, with different names but often the same owner. Obviously, once one of the versions takes off the name changing stops.

I've been watching this in a local mini-mall with a corner location that has gone through a succession of names for Mexican restaurants. After a number of years, it looks to me like the current one is going to stick :-)

-Mark Roulo

allen (in Michigan) said...

That's why I've settled on "lefties" as an identifier. Depriving lefties of the option of sticking some destined-to-fail policy with a shiny, new name impedes their ability to advance the idea. It's gratifying that others seem to be coming to the same conclusion.