Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Union Hyprocrisy

Will union members ever tire of the hypocrisy shown by their unions?  Watch how unions treat their staff unions during labor negotiations and strikes--they do the very same things they decry when used against their own members!  How about how unions treat paid, non-union picketers (the ones outside the Las Vegas Walmart were my favorites).  And now this:
The Michigan Education Association has been an outspoken critic of school districts that privatize custodial services to save money.

Yet, the MEA contracts out work with non-union companies for its own janitorial services. The state's largest teachers union had contracts with six companies in 2012-13, according to financial reports it filed with the U.S. Department of Labor.

The MEA paid a total of $155,623 for janitorial services in 2012-13, the records show. The MEA paid the companies between $5,500 to $86,112. Michigan Capitol Confidential confirmed that the companies are not unionized.

The MEA did not respond to a request seeking comment.
I don't fault the union for getting the lowest price. I fault them for thinking that they, and no one else, should.

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allen (in Michigan) said...

If you follow EIAonline.com you get these stories pretty regularly.

I've read of other unions having pretty serious labor trouble with those hired to do the work of running a union although AEIonline.com specializes in public education so concentrates on the area. I have a suspicion that there's something fundamental to unions that makes them lousy bosses and it's just the concentration on education by AEI that makes it seem like teacher's unions have an especially rancorous relationship with their employees.