Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Newest School Fundraiser!

I hope this doesn't catch on, because as a fundraiser it's in poor taste:
The latest must-see event had some parents doling out $200 for the best seats in the house.

But the top-shelf tickets weren’t for the latest boy band concert or even a sporting event. Rather, that was the price for front-row seats at a high school graduation.

According to the Bradenton Herald, Manatee High School charged parents $200 for prime seating at the May 31 graduation ceremony at the school's Hawkins Stadium. The tickets sold out in four hours.

The cash-strapped Florida high school also announced it will charge seniors a $20 fee to attend this year's graduation in hopes of offsetting the cost of the ceremony.

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maxutils said...

I see no problem with auctioning off the best seats ... that's completely harmless. What, really, does it matter where you sit? The only real argument is for pictures ... but most graduations have a photographer on the stage. And the best seats aren't even close, because they are behind the students. So if you want to pay extra, knock yourself out ... On the other hand ...charging students to graduate is abhorrent. I'm actually surprised you didn't reference your school fees argument.